The work on this site is a joint effort between
Rodney Edwards and Siladityaa Sharma. And is in
affiliation with ArtCenter College of Design. 

We have won Gold at Muse Design Awards 2020, Silver in the Interface Design Category, Bronze in the Web Design Category at the 2020 International Design Awards, and featured in Dutch Design Week and Bestfolio for best case studies. Currently nominated for the following design awards: A’ Design Awards, Fast Company, Core77, and Spark
V.01 / SPR_2020 



  • With the help of Machine Learning, it is possible to off-load the pain point of initial design brainstorming.

    Machine Learning can help drive inclusive designs and eliminate edge cases.

    Designers can make better design decisions if they understand the working of the technology that powers their projects.

    Machine learning shouldn't replace the role of the designer. It should elevate their design decisions and assist them.

If we had more time        

Next Steps*

  • We want to continue to refine the user interactions and the UX / UI Flow.

    We want to cover more edge cases, as well as build out a few more features, such as the object context menu, or the brush tool.

    We would also like to build a prototype, and train our own dataset.